All materials in the bioFUTON series are strictly tested for harmful substances ...

... on the basis of the test criteria of QuL (Quality Association for Environmentally Friendly Latex Mattresses). The extensive catalogue of about 240 relevant pollutants and the strictly united parameters are the safest instance of emission testing. The owner of FUTONWERK is co-founder of QuL.
The cotton fibers, mostly from Europe, Western Asia and North Africa, are grown under controlled ecological conditions and are certified by IMU. The cotton satin (covering fabric) and the cotton fiber for it is certified organic, according GOTS certificate and woven by a traditional weaving company in Münsterland, Germany.
The Alpine country quality wool comes from local, species-appropriate sheep farming, from small, mostly Lower Austrian sheep cooperatives and, under the terms of chemical analysis, corresponds to the Bio-Norm (controlled ecological cultivation).
The coconut fibers come from South Asia, Sri Lanka and Indonesia, but are processed and tested in Germany (by ECO). And our 100% pure natural rubber is produced by a German company in Indonesia and regularly reviewed by the ECO Institute, Cologne.
Since the topic of purity / pollution testing is very complex and hard to understand for people not involved, we will save you and also us the detailed description on this website and vouch with our name for our care. But for interested customers we are offering more information.